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"Today the World, Tomorrow the Solar System"

"Würfelwelt Heute, morgendas Sonnensystem"

"Heute die Welt, morgen das Sonnensystem"

Bavarian Illuminati - World Domination in Our Lifetime!

Here at, we hope to recruit you to assist us in our quest for world domination in our lifetime. The Illuminati have been seeking enlightenment, both personal and social, for at least 900 years. In the 21st century, we have returned to the path of Adam Weishaupt, and so we include both political and financial domination in addition to the inner enlightenment so many of us seek.

In the near future, the Illuminati will once again recruit from the ranks of rich and poor, young and old, powerful and power-seeking, to form an unstoppable force. The Illuminati will rise, and achieve our rightful destiny. For today the world. Tomorrow, the solar system! Get in on the ground floor of a lucrative ... tape runs out ...         more on the historical Bavarian Illuminati

A Quick Primer on Investing in Stocks

Lesson 1: How much Money do I Need to Start?

Rule 1. Minimize your volatility.
Rule 2. Maximize your gain while remembering Rule 1.

Investing always has costs. The first cost is your time. You will have to do some research to find out how much volatility different investments may have, and how the reward compares to the risk.

The second cost is commissions and the bid-ask spread. Do not buy whole life insurance. Do not buy load funds. Do not buy 2x or 3x ETFs when you start out. These all have excessive costs.

In order to make money trading individual stocks, you need to be able to have relatively low volatility in your portfolio. That usually requires a minimum of 15 stocks, and 25 stocks is a reasonable number. $5,000 per stock is a reasonable minimum, to minimize commissions.

Does that mean you need $75,000 before starting to buy individual stocks? That depends. If you are a buy and hold investor, with an average holding period of more than one year, you can buy stocks in $1,500 increments while paying a commission of $7 per trade. This gives you an average commission cost of ($7 + $7)/$1,500, or under 1% per year. That gets you down to $22,500 minimum, and you can also build up to 15 stocks as a learning experience. Just know that while you are building a stock portfolio, your volatility will be higher than optimal. You could also buy and hold a broad-based no-load mutual fund, or one or more non-leveraged broad-based ETFs while accumulating your first $20,000 to $75,000.

The third cost is peace of mind. This is one reason I make minimum volatility as Rule 1, ahead of profits. Some investors get peace of mind by investing in bonds or stocks with reliable dividends, and if you are close to retirement, that is appropriate.

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